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  • Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    June 11, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I must say I didn’t feel confident when I first started to use the remote collar… I found it helpful to have a session with a dog trainer. Even so I still  had a few problems relating to me not fitting the collar properly. Are you having any problems with fitting the remote? I found from not fitting it properly that the probes were not contacting my dog skin and it was affecting him from feeling the stim level of the remote. My GSD has a lot of fur around his neck so the long probes work better on him than the short probes. I also move the collar up and down so the probes part the hair and make better contact. The next problem I had then was making sure the strap was tight enough (without choking him) for the collar to be fitting snugly.  The more I fitted the collar the better I became at finding the contact and tension where I now no longer have the problem of my dog not feeling the stim of the remote.  Is it possible that this may be the problem  instead of  Zena having a high tolerance to the remote collar?