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  • Mason Garrett

    June 11, 2016 at 10:54 am
    1. I’m not concerned with zena knowing heel right now. I know she needs to be taught it, however it is not a priority right now, seeing as I don’t have a use for it much at the moment. She also is already taught the leave it command. I did everything in phase two and worked on her with distractions. Zena’s problems is she is beginning to realize that she doesn’t have to obey, and the corrections that I would use with her off leash, she now knows she can get away from. Now that there is problems arising with her being off leash without a collar, is where the rise of concern is coming. My problem with the e-collar is I don’t feel confident enough to even start using it for phase three training to teach her. I was more wanting advise on the e collar, or if there is possibly a chance that she just has a high tolerance to it. She is a German Shepard, malamute, and wolf mix, and I am curious to see if she may need a higher level of correction due to high tolerance. Also to see if there is possible another off leash route to take without an e collar.