• Caroline Yon Yon

    June 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    We only have 800 people on the island where I live and just about everyone knows my dogs now.  They are all good at not trying to interfere when they are working and have their harnesses on.  I first really noticed the problem when doing people searches.  Just to be safe, I only use my lab/collie mix for that now.  We have to patrol bars and I can’t always guarantee drunks will keep their hands to themselves.  Quma just does buildings/vehicles and baggage now out of the way of the public.  We do have a good group of local volunteers who are happy to stooge for me so Quma can do people search on them as I know they will not try to touch her. It’s good as it allows her the opportunity to relax in her work and get more used to being around crowds of people.  Don’t mention the M word to Quma.  Funnily enough she barked at the muzzle the first time she saw it.  We’re slowly desensitizing her too it.  The watchword with everything is slowly.  She’s easily put off so I’m careful that nothing is too stressful or frightening for her.  It’s all about building confidence for now.  Hoping to be a position to start introducing a decoy in a couple of months.  I’m having to train one of the local police officers in how to do it so we’re actually working on that away from the dog in parallel with her other training.  I’ve discovered I make a really good Police Dog lol. The plan being he’ll be on the ball when he gets to actually work with Quma.  Saw your video with Tazer, thought you were doing an excellent job.  Really good handling.