• Judy B.

    June 4, 2016 at 3:42 am


    First be sure that your dog is in good health and doesnt have any underlying health issues that is causing him to not feel well. If he seems active and otherwise normal, it sounds as though since your dog is eating other things you give him he is most likely holding out for you to give something better. They are very smart and he knows if he holds out long enough you will give him something better like you have been. I would try a good dog food without wheat, corn, or soy and just stick to it. The first ingredients should be of a meat source. Preferably some kind of meat “meal” but not meat “by products” When it comes to survival, dogs won’t starve themselves but he will hold out if he knows that something else better may come along. We just end up feeling bad when they don’t eat out of stubborness and we easily give in. You could also put him on an alternative diet that he does enjoy more. Raw diets they love and are very healthy for them. You would have to see how affordable it would be for you in your country though if that is a route you would like to go. I think picking out a good quality dog food and following the leadership rules of picking the food up if he does not eat it in one sitting it really the best way to go. It’s hard for us to not give in but you will be fighting to get him to eat for ever if you do. Just hold out a little longer 🙂