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  • Tina Garuc Garuc

    May 14, 2016 at 5:56 pm


    Well to give you my update, I have not smooched with Rocky only at greetings when I arrive home, took away all his toys, which he is still searching for like crazy. He has been better. Till today, he saw someone and went totally nuts on me. I figured I have nothing to lose, if I end up putting him down, I might as well pull all punches. So, I took him in the house, he had his choke collar, his gentle leader, his baskerville muzzle AND THE SHOCK COLLAR, I started with the beeps, it did nothing, I then gave him a shock at no. 3 to let him know,  I demanded he sit and stay, he tried once to move I shocked him at no. 4 and he sat and stayed and sat and stayed for over 1/2 hour. He whined and his eyes and mouth turned bloody red, but, I said, either you are going to listen to me or I will fry you myself. He stayed, I didn’t care he whined, he whines whenever you make him do something. But, he did it. So, I will continue with this, I think now that he knows what can happen I won’t even have to use it. My husband and I will take him to the park, where there will be many people, he does not have to like anyone, but, I want him to learn to just let everyone be and they will let him be. That is what we will do next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be better. It probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but, at this point I was so frustrated and figured everyone wants me to put him down. He is otherwise a perfect dog. If after all this nothing works I will consider everything, but, after today am more hopeful.

    Anything else you can suggest, please let me know, when can I reintroduce his ball, we kind of made the ball part of him, since he is so mouthy, we always asked for the ball to keep his mouth occupied. But, I do feel he is calmer without the ball.

    Thanks again.