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  • Arthur Lopatin

    October 6, 2023 at 8:22 pm

    driver’s licenses haven’t prevented tens of thousands (maybe more?) horrific accidents, road-rage fights, etc etc etc here in the usa and, i’m sure the UK and other places. because people are …. imperfect creatures. that said, they do mandate at least minimal driving standards. i suppose the same might apply to dog licenses.

    at least some swiss cantons have laws re dog welfare and training. I’m not sure if there’s also a federal law. i just did a duckduckgo search and, evidently, as of June 22, Zurich canton has quite strict and detailed requirements. [ ] ALSO ; ]

    i don’t know how well this works in zurich. and i’m not sure how it would work in the UK. maybe i’m cynical tonite, but how about letting people who have been bitten by someone else’s dog bite the offending dog’s owner??? It might motivate the owner to start respecting / paying attention to / relating to / training their dog. i can understand getting a dog for all the wrong reasons (fur baby, hood ornament, lifestyle statement etc. etc.). Personally, I have little patience for people who stubbornly persist in their dog-fantasy world. Bad for the dog. Bad for the human. Irresponsible. (good example: the biden family’s gsd.)