• Leo Durocher

    October 5, 2023 at 5:05 am

    I tell her to stop.. she will try to get in a few more licks.. than is when I say enough. She has never been punished for licking other than me saying enough.. She doesn’t run away or cower.

    She will just sit there and her teeth start to chatter.. And it starts and gets faster.. than it stops.

    Another scenario is, when Nellie walks back into my house from being in the yard and if my son is laying down, she has to run towards him I say leave it before she does it.. And she still tries to get in at least one quick lick.. and than runs away..

    She may try this for 2 or 3 drive byes and than stop.. at the end of that.. most times she doesn’t exhibit the teeth chattering.

    I just wanted to put more information about her licking and being told No and leave it.. And even when I say enough..