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  • Cara Ruth

    September 17, 2023 at 10:32 am

    Allie, Thanks for the further explanation. I have a feeling Stormy and fluke has some similarities. Which makes Fluke an excellent dog for me (as a dog trainer) as I have learned so much. several months ago, I made an ethical decision to stop bringing him to my pack walks. Almost for similar reasons, as you stated. I started to realize I was spending more time managing him, and working with Fluke, which took away from my focus on my pack members. In addition, it occurred to me that I wasn’t practicing good leader ship. He started to feel somewhat entitled to go with me, sit up front with me, etc.. I still bring him with me from time to time. But it needs to mutually benefit my clients dogs. Fluke is extremely sociable, and he helps younger, submissive type dogs build confidence. fluke does have fear and dominance aggression, phobias, resource guarding. However, with the help of FDST, a lot the behavior is managed very well and in some cases you don’t see the behaviors anymore. I really appreciate when you share exercises as it is opening doors for me to do the same to gain support from my mentor and peers.

    Allie Dellosa