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  • Marina Darling Zeitler

    August 27, 2023 at 10:34 am

    The owner is a strong, male figure. I have requested his daily routine and sleeping arrangements, as I suspect everything is highly controlled. The human has already taught their dog some basic obedience, but the neediness can become an issue for the human. Mike says behavio is only a problem when its a problem for the human. So I want to give the human something useful. Puppy has been playing extremely rough with Helga, the dog he lives with, but has otherwise had no problems. However,he attacked my small dog. so hes muzzled with a drinkable muzzle and I am awaiting more information about his home life since he may see my guidance as more valuable than his actual human. I wont know without that information. I will post asap. Initially, I only kept Puppy for assessment, but now I want to provide his owner with helpful advice or a way to communicate the dog’s psychology effectively.

    with me, he has slept directly on top of me face on face without me praising that or correcting it. Right now he’s behind me on my chair not getting my attention but I want him to feel accepted.

    I want to provide a safe, provided-for environment while avoiding coddling and giving in to attention demands.

    am I right in this? is this what I tell human?

    Seeking opinions and perspectives.