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  • Patrycja Tomczyk

    August 21, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    Interesting one, I watch that all. I like the fact that guy is trying to stick to the facts not to the philosophy. Also from my own experience of working with positive only school, quite often dogs are going through much more of emotional pain that is needed. For example- a lot of trainers does not like dogs having social interactions with other dogs; they explain that if dog is playing with other dogs you have nothing to offer to that dog so have to be strictly avoided. In extreme version puppies are coming to group class to be training separated by low walls so they can’t see each other and owners have to admit that them dogs would never have social contacts (this is real example!).

    Another example is one dog policy, I was told that if I get second dog I will set bad example for customers 😆 so when I decided to get second dog I put my resignation 😉

    And my absolute “favorite” 3 seconds rule. Dogs can only meet for 3s nose to nose on tight leads when owners counting 3 2 1 and then pull dogs away.

    That should created perfect focus on the handler. From my observation, dogs which I denied social interactions are getting totally obsessed with other dogs, that along with no trained punishers (positive only approach- you only ignore bad behavior) creates a dog which most likely never will be able to be let off the lead because will try to go and interact with random dogs or will became dog aggressive (frustration).

    I know there will be exceptions, that is just my observations from couple of years of running group classes.

    Those dogs which were very successful in training quite often had another dog at home or was interacting with other dogs in the family.

    Also very often trainers are not taking into consideration the breeds, some breeds really need those social interactions, some other ones are happy to live solitary.

    Thanks for posting this one!