• Arthur Lopatin

    August 20, 2023 at 10:58 pm

    The following book isn’t specifically about tail movements. (There’s loads of sometimes contradictory interpretation if you duckduck go something like ‘meaning of dog tail movements,’) But you can lotsa moving in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of contexts. tails, combined with the rest of dogs bodies. Literally thousands of fotos + authors’ interpretations.

    Dogs in Translation: A Unique Journey of Observation and Interpretation. Pricey. I went throught the first hundred pages in a day or two, but now I just have time for a few more pages at a time. I’m sure it’s worth going through this book more than once.

    Part One — What Does the Dog Body Tell Us? Part 2 – Communication Signals. Part 3 – The Emotions. Pricey book.

    There’s also a much briefer Dogs in Translation Workbook. Look at the Fotos and take a test.

    Good stuff, IMO

    Cyndi CrossLeo Durocher