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  • Patrycja Tomczyk

    August 14, 2023 at 5:45 pm

    Very difficult case! I looked at your PDF and have to say it’s looking very familiar for me. I used to was working very similar way… There is a one problem especially with watch me exercise. Imagine that you are afraid of spiders. And there is one very nasty crawling up to you. There is someone beside you who tells you- don’t worry about that- just watch me, I have control. You know that spider is there and still crawling…

    In my experience- I never was able to execute reliable watch me. I started to work slightly different way, instead of trying get dog to watch me, I was letting dog have a look at the ‘thing’- what ever that was and then reward it for getting eyes off. If you work also with distance at some time you will achieve effect of dog glancing at the problem dog/ person etc and then turning back to you, once you have that you can suggest what you and dog should do- for ex walk away, go to bed etc. Another part of that exercise is teaching dog give up stuff to receive something better from person training it. You start from simple stuff, trow treat when dog is on the lead, block the lead once dog is looking at you; offer something more desirable. You work up from things mean nothing to dog to stuff very desirable. We were calling that ‘resignation’. It’s good also to teach dog to switch between food and toys reward in training.

    Those exercise won’t fix territorial aggression problem, but can give you little something to boost heelers skills.

    Good luck!