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  • Marina Darling Zeitler

    August 12, 2023 at 11:44 pm

    I super appreciate all the responses!! Good community. I apologize for any confusion caused by my lack of details about the case. Please allow me to provide additional information to clarify the situation.

    I have taken into account her breed and started outdoor exercises, such as teaching her to herd the herding ball, playing hide and seek with toys, and training her humans to play tug correctly.

    We have been focusing intensely on basic obedience training and put in place my version of “leadership Roles” which is “Provide and Guide”. Although she is doing great, she tends to lose focus easily, so a strong “focus” and recall is important in the plan.

    Side note: People respond much better to the “provide and guide” speech rather than telling them they arent being seen as a leader and their dogs relationship needs work… whoo.. that was a life changer for me puzzle.

    We have already treat trained her to enjoy the process of applying the muzzle and she wears it with ease.

    These are their kids’ dogs, and the whole family travels with their immediate families while others watch each other’s dogs.

    That’s what they were used to doing before they got Didjeri and they want to be able to get back to that ability.

    They expressed a desire for it to be completed in two months, but I explained that it’s unrealistic and will take time.

    I explained to them that I am not a hack trainer who will just put a bandaid on the problem and leave. I made it clear that this will require work and asked them to confirm their willingness to put in the effort.

    I will be watching Didjeri while her humans watch their sons dogs as a solution for the upcoming traveling dilemma.

    They love her. And she does fine with other dogs outside the home besides a slight growl for resourses. It will be addressed but now I’m just looking for advice or confirmation that im in the right direction…

    The Akita and her do not have issues by the way. The only thing to address there is Didjeri playing a little too rough with her being a puppy and the Akita, Spirit, being older in age.

    It will be addressed. Right now- for that- Im giving her herding balls and her humans to take control of playtime and make sure she is getting proper energy released.

    With ethology (that i should look more into) my mind makes sense that the herding breeds can have these tendencies since they are bred to herd others in a direction or away– basically take control of where the other being is. Thats what made sense to me but ill look more into it.

    We have been over attitude and they are doing great. It was the 2nd part of my 12 prerequisites. and they have to relay comprehension and explain if/how it pertains and if/how they will make changes. Overall they are very ideal and understanding clients.

    They will not be joining us until we can gain control of where didjeri is holding focus and have a handle on getting her to calm herself down. That was a controlled assessment of the situation so i could better understand the explanation/description they were giving me. And it definitely helped perspective and me puzzle some things together!

    My struggle is getting the owners to make Didjeri see other dogs seen as friendly visitors.

    After I get Didjeri trained on focusing and calming herself also with strong leadership veiws and of course rewarding good behavior, how do I experiment again? Where do i go from there?

    My guess is their very large front yard and leashed but thats still her territory… and there are 5 total dogs they want he comfortable with..

    I hope I have provided sufficient information about my actions and thoughts for you to give me further guidance… Praying