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  • Michael D'Abruzzo

    August 12, 2023 at 5:31 pm

    I may be misunderstanding the details of your suggestion, but basically if the two dogs are getting along I would say there is no reason to separate them, because then at what point are we putting the two dogs back together if they were already getting along.

    Often with dogs, we can create aggression between two dogs that have been getting along by separating them for an extended period of time because just by being together there is generally subtle reinforcement of whatever hierarchy has been established between the two.

    So in a case like this I suggest further coaching to prevent future problems which would be similar plan to addressing the issue of concern.

    Also, from a cynopraxic (and business) perspective we need be cautious of consulting a client and having them feel like we just reduced their and their dog’s quality of life.

    For instance, I think at least two of my dogs would attack another dog if I just brought them into the household with no plan, but I am not necessarily going to separate my dogs from each other if there are no problems between them. I would treat that as a seperate issue. It sounds like there is no conflict between the two.

    Of course I would need a history of what happened with the chihuahua and how the two get along to make any recommendations, but i definitely wouldn’t automatically separate two dogs that have no issues with each other.