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  • Patrycja Tomczyk

    July 20, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    Very interesting article Arthur! We are dealing with a lot highly inbred dogs everyday. It’s worth to know how inbred can affect them. What inbred generally does is lowering amount of genes in the population. Why pure breed dogs are inbred? Because we want them to look the same, behave the same. This why you should almost be guaranteed when you buy dog of certain breed that it will show certain behaviors.

    That is the theory 🙃

    In real life inbred mean- dogs more prone to health issues (faulty genes, no healthy copies in the population), like for ex OCD in article and other genetic diseases. Shorter life span, less energetic, much quicker ageing dogs.

    Before we all run to buy cocka-poos 😆, currently most of breeders is trying to make sure that inbred level is not to high. My own dogs have 6,8 and 2,5. And they healthy and happy animals.