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  • Allie Dellosa

    July 6, 2023 at 3:05 pm

    The breakdown on the q and a last night has motivated me to redo my leash manners video into smaller segments that cover the teaching process rather than just showing the end result.

    I do not use the name in the way described here because it does not line up with the overall command structure that my clients learn. The name means “listen, a command is coming”. I agree that the name followed by a pump can be confusing if not first followed by a directive, and even cause side effects as it can create unpredictability in expectations.

    I teach that the dog is expected to move in the direction of pumps (the leash pumps are directional communication). Otherwise the added expectations vary per client, generally if the handler is standing still the dog should stand or sit next to them. Walking on leash has limitations, and so if the handler wants the dog to behave like they are in a command they should put the dog in a command, heel etc.

    As far as verbal “attention getters” kissy noises are good or “name, look”. Some clients use the vibration mode on their ecollars to indicate that the dog should look for them and/or recall.

    The ultimate goal for me, is that the dogs and handlers both view the leash as a communicative tool, and that the dog is not darting around in a nervous way or viewing the leash as a source of conflict. Light leash pumps are not motivational enough to really discourage against most competing motivators, so the expectations reflect that. I almost hate calling it leash manners for the dog because so much of it is really about predictable teaching from the handler.

    I really like your response here. Very technically thought out, and a great follow up to the stream last night!