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  • Adrian Rykaczewski

    June 21, 2023 at 6:21 am

    Great escape conditioning session. However, I see one detail here that may cause some side effect in the future. I am referring to the chain of behavior. In the video you can see (around 1:45 and 3:35) how the dog breaks the sit command and immediately after that when he is corrected, he is released from the command and can get what he broke the command for a few seconds earlier. In my opinion, the time between correcting the dog and releasing is too short. There is a risk that the dog will create a chain of behavior that looks like this: The dog breaks the command to be corrected, to be released from the command, to get the reward. You also need to keep in mind the competing motivations here. If the reward is highly valuable, the dog will be able to “pay” the price of the correction received before being released. Especially since at this stage of training the aversion level is quite low. Probably not every dog will create this chain but I believe that some can do so. My suggestion is to increase the time between correction and releasing the dog from the command. I am interested in your opinion.