• Arthur Lopatin

    June 6, 2023 at 12:10 pm

    right: wolfpark woman tells the crowd that the wolves are vying for the wolfpark guy’s attention. hard to hear her voice. he knows the dogs. the dogs know him. the dogs know each other. there’s a hierarchy. did u notice the guy rubbing one wolf’s lower back? i wonder if the wolves aren’t somehow rewarded after the performance.

    btw, the vid of the l.a. street dogs is from a longer vid narrated by queen latifah, street dogs of south central. very interesting body language vid. i think it’s on amazon prime w/some bits also on youtube. the full vid’s worth a watch. also, re: body language, a huge book, thousands of fotos of all sorts of dog interactions, focusing on different body parts: Gabo Krauss & Gabi Maue: Dogs in Translation. Also an accompanying workbook. Expensive.