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  • Arthur Lopatin

    May 21, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    Just rode home in owners care w/Diego in back. Barking frantically, ‘running’ frantically, nails sliding along plastic crate floor. Terrible stuff. In addition to your suggestions re licking sticker and out of car crate training, i also suggested bite proof crate mat, soothing music, dog-appeasing pheremones, good chew bones, etc. Diego stopped barking when I shoveled treats, but so what? That doesnt solve the problem. My take is that (a) owners rewarding frantic behavior since dog was a puppy (b) this particularl aussie=poodle”s temperament (c) maybe something about this particular old subaru’s engine sound/bad shocks, etc really sets him off. He jumpe right in to crated,started barking as soon a we exited the driveway and continued to bark frantically until we got to my house. Only times he stopped is when I shovelled treats. Stopped barking & ‘running’ in opposite direction from car (like he wanted OUT of the car asap) as soon as car parked outside my house and engine was turned off. Owner went inside w/me so I could give him some greenies to experiment w/on trip home. I suspect several factors contribute to this problem. I joked to the owner that he should get a new car, but that particular car might be one problem (engine sound/bad shocks?). Regardless of the immediate causes, however, the owners’ — w/best of intentions — rewarding frantic behavior has likely been like throwing kerosene on a fire. Will continue chipping away at this one. Chuck (one of the owners) sez he will follow up on all the suggestions offered to him. Will keep y’all posted