• Davida Grayson

    March 22, 2023 at 7:44 pm

    Thank you, Allie and Dustin, for taking the time to give me suggestions and insight into Athena’s behavior. You both have compelling answers. I agree it has to do with leadership issues. I just didn’t think of it since I had success with my foster dogs over the years. It’s very embarrassing that I can’t “fix” my own dog. To answer your questions. She doesn’t growl. She immediately attacks or tries to attack. Her hackles do go up and she lowers her head slightly before she begins her “Attack” behavior. She hits the end of the leash as though she is protecting me. It happens very, very fast. The opposing dog can bark at her or not. Her reaction is the same. I agree with you that it is a kind of barrier \ leash frustration. Though recently she has stopped barking so much at the dogs in the neighborhood as they walk by. Either she has gotten better or she has just become used to them. Truly I am amazed at her friendship with the neighbor’s 11-month-old puppy. I always thought that Athena did not like bouncy, high-energy dogs but the neighbor reported that she thought it was a joint digging project to get under the fence. And they were playing chase and Athena shared two of her toys. I was nearly in tears. One factor is that Finn is an unaltered male dog. I have taken your advice and have gone through the website. Allie, it is funny that you suggested that video. I saw it years ago on YouTube. It was worth reviewing it again. I will try to get a video of the behavior. But I’ll need to set that up somehow. Thanks again to both of you.