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  • Tina Garuc Garuc

    April 22, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Thank you for you reply. It is still very heavy on my heart, will try anything that you can suggest to me first. We live in the mountains here in the Catskills. 90% of the time he does not see people. But, now the summer is coming people walk on the road, (thank God we are not right on the road) and then he goes into his red zone, I just pull him back through the garage and take him in the house. When people come I put him into a spare room. As long as he does not see anyone he is calm. Never barks or growls. Even if they stand right outside the door and talk with me. They cannot believe how he is quiet. I have Beware of Dog outside I bet when the UPS or Fedex come they must think I have no dog. He is very food motivated. That is how every trainer became his friend. The last guy, actually thought Rocky was so much fun, if he ignored Rocky, Rocky would take the ball and push it into his hand. Then he would run backwards waiting for him to throw the ball. He is a fun dog when he knows you. I tried taking him to a local dog park and put cookies outside the gate hoping someone would just call his name and throw a cookie, so that he can associate strangers with cookies. One girl was jogging I asked her to do this, she gets the cookie, sees Rocky in his crazy state, throws it at him and runs. I can do what I want with him, he just lays there, I can pull his lips, play with his ears, pull his paws, tail. Never showed anything aggressive towards me. We have a raised ranch, downstairs is his domain, and when someone comes he is in the spare room. In the car he is in a crate, he won’t even get in the car if he doesn’t see the crate. He lays down and just watches the world. He used to get aggressive whenever someone passed the car. He has learned to relax. If we have a wedding or something, we have to crate him in the car, since we cannot bring him to a kennel. That is rare but, it is a problem. I wish people would come and with the muzzle let him see they would not hurt him. But, I guess I really don’t have many dog people that I know. I have been even thinking about putting an ad in the paper for dog people to come and give treats and let them walk him. My son thinks that will be an open door for more then friendly dog people. In training I was told when he acts aggressive towards someone to turn him around and walk the other way. Problem he just won’t turn around and walk, he will continue to try to get to what has gotten his attention and walks backwards because I am pulling him. His eyes, nose and mouth turn beet red. Sometimes he even tries to bite the leash!!! Anything you can guide me to try would be greatly appreciated.