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  • Marina Darling Zeitler

    February 22, 2023 at 9:34 pm

    The sharp object near the eyes or really anywhere near their body, takes a lot of attention to the dogs body language. I can tell very easily when a dog is about to move and when a dog is comfortable with what I’m doing or even enjoys the attention they are getting. That alone needs to be required. How to read dogs body language.

    I have once thought about saying to a client that I follow “LIMA” guidelines with my grooming. But they wouldn’t even know what I was talking about. However it did get me thinking about how effective that was.

    When grooming I try to always be communicating to the dog when they are being good, when they are safe, and give them all breaks necessary. I am persistent but if they are telling me that it’s about to be traumatizing or be a negative association, I back off or abandon completely.

    Thank you for recognizing that I am being honest and transparent with the dogs leaders @Mike ! That really means a lot and I appreciate the appreciation.🙏 I really do take what you say & what I’ve learned here and try to apply it in the best way I understand. I have a lot to learn but I always will, right?

    Very happy with this forum and ill continue to share any good techniques/ alternatives I work with. 😄