• Allie Dellosa

    February 18, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    I have clients feed growing dogs 2xs per day. The dog has 1 chance to approach and eat. If they leave the bowl it gets pulled, if they don’t want to eat at that time, the bowl is pulled until dinner, and NOT prorated. That is repeated until the dog readily eats on a schedule. It should only take a dog between 5-10 min to eat a meal. It’s Important to make sure the amount is appropriate also. I have a 50 pound 1 year old, mildly active, spayed pitty mix eating 3/4 – 1 bakers cup per meal, of a 495 kcal food, and the treats I use are a freeze dried raw dog food. I like to use “bougie” dog food as training treats because the dogs love it and that way, the cookies are adding to the nutrition of the dog. Hope this helps. There is a stream where Mike talks about this too, in detail….I will try to find later and post it here. Honestly, removing her ability to free feed will be a huge help.