• Marina Darling Zeitler

    February 18, 2023 at 4:33 pm

    Thank you Allie! You’re a Rock! I appreciate the advice. I have already started Jean (her momma) on working on the food lure. But I didn’t even think about relationship & leadership roles with her because she doesn’t have any behavior “problems.” I only thought of the obedience. But I Absolutely LOVE that idea of giving them leadership exercises for the week before training. That’s ideal for any client! It not only gets them in that leadership role but can hype them up for training too! I’m gonna take a page out of your book.(; And I think I understand on how that could be an issue for the food. Like “I have food available all the time. Getting it from you isn’t special.” But when we are in the leadership role they are happier to take something we give them, right? “Oh the leader gave me this! It must be special!”

    I see trouble with getting the affection and the toys dialed back but I can definitely voice it to her. She just lost her two old dachshunds and it still hits her really hard to talk about it so when Gracie came into her life I see how bad she loves having a companion. She already felt bad not feeding her on training days but I think if I’m proactive and make her feeding & toy/play schedule \for\ her she will be on board. She definitely wants what’s best for her dog and made it clear she will listen to my instruction so I don’t mind helping her out. It’s always easier to help people when they really want it lol.

    I also attached her doggy DNA result. Alaskan Husky, Pit Bull, Basset hound, so on.