• Allie Dellosa

    February 18, 2023 at 3:04 pm

    Hey Marina! Congrats on your first client! I have been there and have made it part of my program to have clients do 1-2 weeks worth of leadership homework and phase one “trust building” before our first session, so that things like this are avoided and so that the training process even makes sense to dog. Before this became my policy, we would have sessions where the dog didn’t care that we were there and it just caused frustration between dog and handler. I would suggest helping the owner get her puppy on a feeding schedule that helps with establishing operations. It sounds like you are on track with that, but even on non training days its important to stick to it. Chances are she also has free access to affection and toys, this can also cause these things to become devalued. What breed or type is she? She also, may not know how to follow a food lure, you may need to break that down for her, I have had many dogs come in who have never experienced that presentation and they don’t assume it. Sometimes when dogs are nervous about training in a new place or have not had a lot of exposure, they can shut down pretty quick or resemble “overstimulation”. I like to do things to help them multitask like fishing for chicken (I will find a video) and climb command as it requires physical and mental focus, keeping her on lead to avoid her bailing on you can help too. Here is a great lecture on EO and drive balance. There is also a ton pf useful info in the leadership group! https://dogtraining.world/knowledge-base/balancing-the-drives-5-0/

    Balancing the Drives 5.0