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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    April 18, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Hi Wael,

    Did you read through the “self help” section yet?  The first thing to troubleshoot would be in layer 5 leadership.  Click on that link and let me know if you feel he falls into “entitled, provided, or unprovided” category.

    If the pup is not getting enough play (unprovided) he will be more likely to do these behaviors and even if you attempt to correct the behavior, the puppy will find another inappropriate outlet.

    If the puppy is the one that is used to fulfilling his basic needs by his own solicitation, for instance if he wants to play he comes to you, or if he wants to go outside or eat he goes to you or asks in some way or the other, this can also cause the pup more likely to think this is the normal way to act when he is in the need to play.

    Try to raise your pup to feel “provided” for.  This means the dog will learn that he will always have everything he needs if he waits for you to say when.  So you must know how much the dog needs to play, eat, etc.. and schedule it during the day just like everything else.  Then, it is easier to teach the dog that he must obey your commands because it is his role.  If you do not do it this way he is more likely to feel he may not be provided for if he does not nag you.

    Read over that section and please post how you have been so far with the subjects of affection, play, going outside, play..