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  • Marina Darling Zeitler

    January 31, 2023 at 12:37 am

    “Teaching people is skill in itself, one requiring patience; the ability to break things down into small, manageable chunks, so clients come away feeling they’ve succeeded more than failed; the ability to criticize constructively, not trash. It also helps to be a good amateur psychologist, so you can quickly read the client and your reactions to the client. The more insight you have and the more flexible you are, the more clients you will have and keep, and the more they will recommend your services. A big mistake I made was to assume that new clients are as deeply interested in dogs as you are. Most aren’t. Some become enthusiasts. Others, not so much. Some you can turn into enthusiasts, others not so much.”

    This. This is a whole other topic. I know Mike goes over it a couple times in how to interact and communicate with clients, so I look forward to him going over it in more death. I have pretty great people skills. Not to toot my own horn but I am a likable person. It’s just teaching that I’m unfamiliar with. So, people lose interest when I’m all over the place. I can know the material all day, but once it comes to teaching – especially when someone isn’t as into it as I am- It’s not coming easily.

    I talk about dogs every single time the opportunity presents itself. They are my favorite subject but to the people around me, they lose interest pretty fast Haha. I’m sure the more I get through the course I will learn about how to convey the information for people to better follow & understand.

    And no doubt the course is GOLD. I am doing course work every chance I get and listening to mikes lectures on different topics while i groom dogs. Trust when i say this is my free time <3 Loving every bit.

    I can’t explain how much I appreciate yall’s support and answers to this. I’m definitely looking forward to more and more of this. The learning is never done here. Which is exciting in itself.

    In other news! I got my very first client today. Ideal client with a 6 m/o pup that has great potential. Its only basic obedience so confident in that. Will be practicing keeping a raining log and implementing everything learned so far. She knows she’s my first client and is very excited for me as well. Overall, a great situation. Very exciting stuff.