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  • Patrycja Tomczyk

    January 30, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    Not involved with APDT, but was working with positive only trainers to such extend that I was employed, even promised that business will be mine after they get retired. There was one condition- I never, ever change them program. Program which was not working, which left people with questions never answered. If I tried approach anything different way even when that was working, customers were taken away and explained that I’m wrong and there is no other way of working than that one which wasn’t working. That felt so wrong for me….

    What I write that here?

    Sometimes shouting from the roofs is just waste of your time and effort. Go your way, and let results speak for themselves 😉

    When I decided to quit it turned to be a big ordeal… Those people still are not talking to me, here where I live we are small community. Most people know each other, sometimes it’s not to easy. My dogs are not perfect and I know this is getting noticed. Currently only what I can do is play blind and deaf and follow my way.

    Btw, just finished ethics too 😉 And looking forward to continue my journey with FSDT.

    Good luck Marina and never give up!

    Cyndi CrossJudy B.Marina Darling Zeitler