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  • Kim James

    January 29, 2023 at 12:59 am

    Hi Marina,

    You’re in great company here!

    Also Thank you for sharing your website on this platform, I visited it recently and I think its fantastic! well designed and constructed!

    FYI I’m not APDT affiliated. But have friends and associates that are. My belief is…. to each their own.

    I totally understand your obligation to self as to the “Why you have decided”. I sat on your question for a few hours before thinking of a way to word a shared understanding and also something to ponder…

    so…. first up I going to say, just be honest and direct your attention and energy where your heart tells you. If you don’t feel comfortable in your heart with the APDT method or structure step away gracefully, or if you feel there may be some usefulness in the connection, happily remain.

    Additionally I’ll be honest and hopefully this spurs discussion, personally I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    And I mean that with all due respect..although APDT policies and framework is what it is, there potentially are some likeminded trainers (that you may know) within the directory that want to see progressive movement within the dog training industry, and you never know these trainers may not even totally agree with APDT strategies or plan to get where they want to go. So I don’t believe remaining on their list of trainers is an absolute reflection of the alignment to their philosophy. You run a business, and it puts food on the table, networking as we know is essential.

    Use the network, favourably to create discussion and to be a point of contact to those clients that do not have success with the “purely positive way”.

    In terms of repercussions for leaving, I hope that gives food for thought.

    The fact is, Dog training knowledge develops and as a result systems evolve. For instance K9-1 is on its 5th evolution and consistently seeks to challenge the assumption.

    IMO the beauty of the FSDT system is that its adaptive and stylistic in form, while echoing the ethos of the standards the community formulates and at the same time applying consistent self analysis.

    Technically, the concept doesn’t really diverge much from any other practises as a blueprint, holistically FSDT is as advanced as you make it (foundation is key), so really there is no ceiling and certainly no BS. Apologies, I don’t need to convince you of this. I’m just passionate about the methodology.

    Again, you will have the full support of this community whatever decision you make regarding APDT and moving forward.

    Happy training and all the very best


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