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  • Allie Dellosa

    January 5, 2023 at 10:36 pm

    Hey! I have had clients with escaping geniuses also….gotta love em! Some dogs do get out due to anxiety, some due to ….why not? Its “funner” outside! My only concern with the vibration is that if the dog is motivated, that will quickly become something they can ignore, and will become mute. A couple solutions we used: bars in the tracks of sliding glass doors, security pins (easy and inexpensive online and not ugly….lots of different options) also making sure the dog has drive balance, flirt poles are excellent for in home fun, even without a yard. The dogs that did have anxiety, we carefully acclimated them to the idea of a door not opening….sometimes it can cause them to chew through walls etc. If the clients were able, we set up larger dog runs or put 4x6x6 kennels in a garage or spare room so the dog could be contained with more room. Hope this helps! They are lucky to have you in their corner!

    Michael D'Abruzzo