• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    March 26, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Thanks Mike for your positive comments on my training of Tazer “quiet” command… very encouraging. I’m not sure on how to teach the “leave” command… could you please advise me on the training method for this command. I do use the command on Ara but I don’t know how she was taught the command as I brought her already trained as a protection dog. The other reason I was trying to teach Tazer the “quite” command is when I’m driving in the car he go’s at motorbike riders that come close to our car or when I’m stationary in the car towards pedestrians, horse-riders or anything that comes too close to the car. The remote collar would be the best tool for me to use in these situations but Tazer  only been taught basic obedience commands with the remote collar. Without him knowing a command I can use to be able to correct he aggressive behaviour in the car/out in public I would need to teach him  the command  first before I could  correct him with the remote for he aggressive behaviour. (I hope I explained that right then). Tazer behaviour of guarding isn’t acceptable behaviour to display without my say so and can be a risk to the public. The trainers before I started seeking help through researching on the net had advice me to leave him at home or put a muzzle on him… people can still report me for having a dangerous dog when he is still demonstrating aggression wearing the muzzle. I’ll follow up on your suggestion of doing a journal for Tazer  as this may be the best way to assist me further with him.