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  • Arthur Lopatin

    November 30, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    I watched this. First half twice. Great session. Based on your intro for this, Jacob’s come a long way with you. I like the way you intersperse stuff that still needs more Phase 1 work and/or review) with introducting Ph 2 for (if i remember right) this way and bed. My major concern isn’t Jacob, because you are training him, it’s his owner. Given his physical condition and, maybe, state of mind, I wonder how well / if he’s gonna be able to handle him, even after you’ve trained Jacob perfectly. Balance, timing, attention to surroundings, etc. How well has the owner absorbed whatever you’ve been teaching HIM? I assume you intend to do Phase 3, eventually, since the e-collar would help the owner, if needed, to give what Mike calls (if i remember right) an escalating phase 2 correction. That’s assuming the owner can handle both e-collar and leash at the same time. If he could, it might enable the owner to deal with a dicey situation if/when he takes him out for a walk, assuming he’s capable of walking Jacob. (I know it’s practically irrelevant, but I always wonder why people get exactly the wrong dog 🙂 And this guy mentioned that he’d had a pit bull. WTF!) IMO, even after you get Jacob to the point that it’s hardly ever needed,

    I don’t remember if you mentioned it, but I not had a whole lot of time interacting with other dogs. I’ll be interested to see how Jacob does in your group class. So my hunch is: socially isolated Great Dane==Fear Aggression. (I haven’t read up on Danes, so I can’t be very specific.) It will be interesting to watch Jacob progress thru your group classes.

    Finally, when I started watching this, I had the idea that if it the vid were broken up into little sections, maybe w/sound blocked out, ppl learning fsdt could watch it and be asked to figure out which phase you were in and what precisely your aim was for one or more particular reps. That might be overkill, but something like that would be helpful for instructional purpose, imo.

    Thx for the vid, Allie.