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  • Allie Dellosa

    October 4, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    Phase 3 does not have to be applied to all commands at once. I often use just “leave it” or “off” for young or “new” dogs that are still learning but need a competitive motivator for real world scenarios. Especially with high drive dogs, phase 2 has limitations and cannot be escalated humanely in some real world scenarios. Meanwhile the handlers continue working slowly thought their other commands adding p3 to them at the appropriate pace. When phase 3 (e collar work for intents and purposes here) is used properly with predictable command structure it is often the bridge to freedom for dogs who are not motivated by a gentle phase 2 leash pump on a training collar, even dogs who are….still benefit from the off leash reliability and freedom that comes with p3. I would be concerned with the dogs neck and spine in the head collar, also, physically turning a dog away from a distraction is by definition compulsion, so he isn’t being given the opportunity to practice true obedience which involves avoiding ALL punishment and negating the need for corrections and prompting.

    I would not do “act of God” punishments because you would be subduing a natural drive behavior that is in response to varying stimuli. If it were to one specific stimuli that would never change and you never ever ever want him to ever engage with, then, maybe….but your timing and process would have to be perfect and consistent. I would use command structure and go through p3 escape conditioning and then p3 avoidance conditioning. This will make it easier for you and more enjoyable and transferable to any situation for him. Once you have established competing motivators, your walks and experiences with the outside world will be more enjoyable for you both and it won’t damage the relationship because the dog will be the operator and in control of the outcome of his behavior. With command structure and p3 you are practicing true obedience (he receives punishment for disobeying a KNOWN expectation) instead of just punishing a response to varying stimuli in the environment. Here are some good lectures.

    Intro to Phase 3 Escape Conditioning 5.0