• Kelly L

    May 13, 2012 at 4:08 am

    Holy Hell!!!! Mike think you just brought tears to my eyes, GENETIC? I’m almost relieved if that sounds crazy… Im contemplating becoming lazy myself now LOL.. He is not ever allowed to have any of Charley girls left overs. .. He’s fine as long as i’m sitting in kitchen pretending to read a magazine or something. LOL When hes done with his food he will turn and sit and wait for his “ok” but i never release him till ive picked up her bowl and removed it. Which is a huge accomplishment for him and me. lol The second he thinks I’m not on my game Bam… He use to attack her even when she was done with her food when he was in a sit, if she walked by him he’d lunge.. No more. He is getting use to the fact there is nothing there after his release. but he still has to go see.. As far as human aggression with his food that is gone, well let me rephrase that, With my two kids and I he is fine. I had the kids put little treat pouches around there waist when they were home and randomly give him a treat. Kids hated me for it but in the end when they realized he now sees them as someone who is giving food instead of a threat they were glad i did that. He’s leave it command is awesome off leash, except when im not on game and its feeding time and hes tested me and is running for charleys food. I can say whatever i want and its like he’s some different dog from another planet that i dont even know.. My biggest thank you here and relief is that its not breed related, Him and I get enough SH*t about that. And damn with the slow feeder i didnt even think of frustration with that, i was concerned with bloat and stuff. but your right hes going to eat it in 2 min anyway why frustrate him more. I have to be honest, Ive asked so many of my Mentor’s ( other trainers) That I respect, and Ive gotten so many different responses and I just knew that none of those answers would work I know my dog well and this was beyond anything Ive ever witnessed first hand. and besides that, there comments were starting to make me feel incompetent, well they were trying anyway haha.. I will now be a lazy trainer and feed Tye in his crate and allow charley to eat with out stress either.. You are the best, and for the first time in 4 months i feel like i have the correct answer and Ive done all I can with this issue, and my Special needs boy will eat alone in his crate. And I will sleep easy without racking my brain on how to correct this.. YAY!!!! Hope you get to meet him soon..