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  • Rachael Flynn

    August 14, 2022 at 4:21 pm

    While I only know just a bit about pheromones, I can speak to safety issues concerns regarding essential oils and virtually any product we bring in our home. All products deserve investigation, in my opinion, especially when it comes safety for us and our animals.

    Some pheromone sprays and diffusers are not safe for birds living in the home. The companies making these products label them “safe”, but they encourage removal of children and animals from the room when setting up a diffuser or spraying. That’s questionable to me. The ethyl alcohol ingredient used in the spray is NOT safe for pets, children and birds.

    Anything labeled “fragrance” IS synthetic and likely to have health repercussions- cleaning products, air fresheners, skin creams, dog wipes, synthetic essential oils, etc etc.

    There’s an age old debate about concerns with essential oil usage for dogs and cats. Without taking up more time here, not all EOs are created equally and with education and purity, you get safety.

    Cats are sensitive to high phenol oils and all synthetics.

    I am connected to a few vets who not only advocate for the use of high quality essential oils on our animals, but use them regularly in their practice. My holistic vet here in Texas uses Valor eo to calm animals who are visiting the office! :))

    I’m going to see if they have any opinions on pheromone “therapy” and chime back in soon.

    I’m interested to learn more…

    Michael D'AbruzzoCyndi Cross