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  • Michael D'Abruzzo

    July 29, 2022 at 10:31 am

    I thought this was a REALLY good example of a nice structured virtual lesson. I had a big smile watching it.

    My only critique/question is if there was any criteria before telling Anthony in particular to “get his hands all over him” and “make out with him” if this is a dominance aggression case and if the dog has a history for biting people for putting hands on him when not on his terms.

    I see in the lesson that the dog was very food motivated and enjoying the training session but I didn’t catch any submissive or soft body language during the brief times that he was pet, and Anthony even seemed hesitant to do so IMO.

    My suggestion would be to test during training sessions if after a “free” the dog will willingly and submissively walk into the offered affection from the owner.

    The way that I would do it is I would simply pat my thigh and talk squishy to the dog and if i got the soft body language and wagging tail I would give the love. If not there may be a good chance the “making out” may lead to a giant setback if dominance aggression is a chief complaint.

    You can refer to the dominance aggression blueprint lecture for the detail about affection:

    Besides that one nit pick I think the video really shows what a great virtual lesson looks like.

    I actually enjoy the back-and-forth video with zoom, because it highlights the importance of our energy and encouragement during the sessions and also the awesome use of your partners in crime in helping to demonstrate techniques. There are actually benefits to using virtual for aggression cases IMO when a trainer is good at the “mini lessons” and is talented at the hands-off approach. Especially when starting a dog even if it is possible to go to the home.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Dominance Aggression Blueprint 4.0