• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    February 5, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Hi Mike … I’ve watched the links above. The video that shows some of these concepts on a suit: is what I use to control my large male GSD who has a lot of reactive aggression. I was very grateful to come across this video a few years back as I never had any luck finding a dog trainer here who knew how to teach me to control his aggression of guarding me from strangers approaching us in public, our home or with our car. A trainer showed me how to use e-collar to stop him from disobeying obedience commands but never showed me how I could use the e-collar to control his guarding… I was concerned that I would only suppress his aggression if I use the collar the way I was taught for the obedience.

    My female protection dog that I spoke about above seems to have been trained different from the links you have provided here and the dog trainer I purchased her from seemed to be following the dog training methods from  http://www.ccprotectiondogs.com/training/.  I do understand your reasons  though for not allowing any of your clients to do REAL personal protection training beyond the foundation tug and prey work without finishing “phase 3” obedience with the e-collar.  With my protection female dog she seemed to be conditioned to only bite on command and apart from her training she is meant to be the family pet . The reason I was thinking of putting her on e-collar for off leash was my concerns of her chasing wild animals and I know of no other way of having 100% back up of leash. The other reason I’m also considering using the e-collar is even though she does obey my commands she breaks them too as there is no aversive consequences except for a “no” and put back into the command or a jerk on the leash. It’s like “do I have to do the command?”. Do you have suggestions that may help me to improve her obedience when she is off leash?