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  • Allie Dellosa

    July 6, 2022 at 6:34 pm

    ABA is the ticket here, assuming that the handlers are practicing leadership. Giving her a different thing to do. So instead of focusing on how to stop attacking people, what can we teach her to do instead? Place commands, heel, leave it etc. Teaching her impulse control through advanced obedience will help immensely. That way, they aren’t punishing her for an emotional response, rather they can teach, proof, and then practice giving her a command and correcting her for disobedience, or praise her for obedience. The Boone videos are excellent examples of this. Override the dog’s emotion instead of subdue it. Here is part 1. I really hammer home command structure, being predictable and practicing ninja level leadership, to my clients with capable dogs (any dog really) but the dog’s life can quite literally depend on it if they are of a certain temperament, plus territoriality is apart of every fiber of her being, so this will be working with mother nature. Hope this helps, Molossers are my fav, I would be happy to chat more about this any time!