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  • Sharon Uluh

    March 8, 2022 at 8:11 pm

    Thank you Dave. Good to hear from you.

    Mom is the breeders strike dog and dad is his catch dog. Not sure how they compare to other hog dogs but they are a jack of all trades (breeder also produced some that retrieve birds and hunt bear or cougar).

    That info was helpful. My play sessions now are more structured. I won’t toss the flirt pole or toy until he gives me eye contact, and he’s doing well with that.

    When I have him chase the flirt pole I do keep it just out of his reach so he has to turn on his afterburners to get it. Once he gets it, I will pet him to let him know I won’t always take it from him or I will help him set the bite (but he already bites fairly deep as a puppy). I’ll occasionally have him out with food and start the game again.

    His impulse control is gradually improving but he definitely looks at you like “ok what next”.