• Ashton Green

    February 20, 2022 at 9:55 am

    Thanks so much again for your response! Alvin is not allowed on the furniture, though he has been with us less than a week and he is still testing that. We do not free feed, in fact for the last few days we have used all of his allocated food to hand feed treats to him for behaviour reasons (usually in 20 minute sessions near mealtimes).

    We have been told Alvin is crate trained by the police officer who used a crate in the transport van which was similar in size to our crate, however, we have only started testing it from the ground up because I do not want to traumatize him if indeed he is not used to a crate. We are up to 5 minutes in the crate now with relaxed behaviour and no reaction showing that he might want to get out. I have put a kong in the crate but no water or food except popping treats (kibble) through the front periodically when he is in there. I imagine this may need to change as he works his way up to more time in the crate though.

    I would be happy to talk further on zoom if you think this could be helpful to others!