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  • Allie Dellosa

    February 9, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    I completely understand, and feel your frustration. Veterinarians are not required to learn about Ethology or aggression, some times they misunderstand a dogs reaction and expect our animals to accept very stressful situations, without protest, and then be punished (by someone outside of their handler) if they don’t. Somethings to consider: there are a lot of DVM’s that you can choose from. I email them and ask for a phone call to see if I feel comfortable/if they are accepting clients, how they handle etc. If they don’t respond or don’t have time to talk I move on. I ALWAYS have Storm and Rogue muzzled. This way we don’t have to use the mesh muzzle (which as you know makes it hard for the dog to breathe) but also has been on who knows how many sick dogs…it helps the techs feel safe. I also insist on handling my dog. Not all vets will allow this, and before you ask about it you should learn how to properly restrain, and practice restraint at home like any other behavior, so that it is not stressful. Reassuring your dog when they are afraid does NOT reinforce the behavior (fear is not a behavior it is an emotion), however when they are in a moment like that, it rarely helps. I would suggest doing some counter conditioning and using a dremel to do her nails so that she doesn’t have to be held down at the Vets or at a groomers to have it done. You could also do some drills to help Lacy be successful at being handled for medical purposes by you and/or a DR. I would be happy to help with you any of the above as I know exactly how you feel.

    Lacy will bounce back, and you never have to feel bad for wanting to advocate for your dog.