• Michael D’Abruzzo

    January 29, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    The main benefit of using scent boxes, as you see in the video is for giving what I would call a dog training “technician” a way to mass-produce dogs that will do an alert on starter objects without necessarily understanding the science behind it. So it usually involves the involvement of more specialty gadgets to cram together more training steps, for instance, specialty “scent walls” for training the dogs.

    In my opinion, if you consider the number of parts that are needed to create those boxes, assuming someone has the tools too, it is technically not that cheap, but compared to all the pre-made electric boxes with electric ball poppers, etc.. it definitely is as you can see here:


    Besides the price and inconvenience of specialty equipment, the main source of enthusiasm I gain from breaking down the scent training further is in the results. When we would do the classes at paladin center, we would have average pet owners searching huge portions of the building with some of the best accuracy and least side effects I have seen compared to my experience with traditionally trained dogs. Of course, a lot depends on the experience of the individual trainer, but it is easier to troubleshoot issues and know when you can move to another step without future side effects when you isolate each aspect of the training more.