• Arthur Lopatin

    January 29, 2022 at 11:45 am

    Question: If your (or client’s) goal was to teach working scent detection — i.e., not as a sport but something like conservation (scat) or narcotics, or explosive, is there any extra benefit to doing it the way I see on lotsa vids re working dogs. Also, I have the idea that if you teach something in as many ways as possible, it might help the dog generalize; ie use bottles, like in the fsdt vid, and use other things as well. P.S. I just finished my first scent trng, using fsdt method with honey today…..it’s a snow day. she did fine. we will do another session latter today. …….this stuff is fascinating and she’s a natural for it. i posted the build your own vid because i thought it’d be a money saver for anyone interested in xperimenting w/a scent box. thx for your speedy reply, mike