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  • Allie Dellosa

    October 13, 2021 at 12:37 am

    Have you seen the drive’s chart? How would the drives that you are describing fit in there?

    What do you mean by release commands? Like do you not use them at all because you are going to pp? How does not using them tie into personal protection?

    We used 2 different words for Storms play bite on the tug and her pp. I am under the impression from the streams here and through my own personal preference that I don’t want want to turn play into aggression. I want Storm to be aggressive out her natural desire to protect her loved ones. We use play for bite building, but she isn’t that big on tug, its not her favorite, so she will have to bite organically helped. The idea that I LOVE about FSDT is that it takes a natural emotional response and builds it up. If we endorse that and help her feel strong in her follow though she will be more effective. It has little to nothing to do with play, a few of the dogs we are working with wont play tug at all….but if you touch their momma they are ready to go….THAT is what we are molding….some need more help that others. I wouldn’t ever want storm to think protection is a game. I want her to be a serious as she can be in that moment with no hesitation and no taboo…so we (my husband and I) don’t play rough or argue etc in front of her, I never want her to have mixed emotions about her inner circle.