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  • Kim James

    July 21, 2021 at 2:09 am

    I agree…. landmarks for sure, because I think they will shape the general direction and as you often say will give us a “Compass”, even though the system complete is stylistically unique from trainer to trainer… the foundation is laid.

    I 100% agree with the TRAMP concept, I have confidence a practitioner of FSDT at that level in consultation with the owners will undertake complete ownership and responsibility for that specific case, and will advise appropriately that any inherited/residual danger or risk absolutely needs mitigation.

    The referral system or even referral portal would be a great place for those that are potentially needing additional advice.

    I like the multiple choice assessment portal idea, covering a range of randomised questions targeting the minimum learning outcome for the unit. Reference material is super important to retain and refer to. I found the open ended question is great, very much like 2.0 when i went through, you and I skype’d, engaged in conversation and actually broke down the answer to question more so the reasoning rather than the conclusion.

    Since 2016 undertaking studies through FSDT I have 3 massive binders and an external drive absolutely full of reference material, study material, blueprints, etc that i constantly refer back to.

    I love video proficiency, however now i’m a fan of the unedited video proficiency. Where you are given a give a task or series of tasks to complete in order in 1 full setting.

    obviously you train for the test and only hit record when you know the goal is achievable/finished. but for sure there is nothing wrong at all in showing the stages of training to get there! in fact it’ll probable be beneficial for peer review. intro, explain, demonstrate, execute. no editing.

    I remember when I sent you media content to review in 2017, I for sure edited out poor reps, from both my timing and the dog losing interest because the training serial went too long. thinking about it now i should’ve been more open to review and analysis from others. The ethogy inst course i did requires this and i thought it was a great idea! there is no hiding everything is evaluated fairly.

    I like your plans 1,2 & 3. I would be interested to know as the system evolves and is reviewed from 5.0>6.0…. and beyond would you be interested in a recertification process to verify evolutions in concept?