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  • Kim James

    July 19, 2021 at 12:59 am

    Nicely structured and a very comprehensive means to verify proficiency.

    I definitely like the idea of having levels of proficiency.

    In essence I very much like the martial arts system (I know you like The karate kid!) .

    I feel like undertaking the ethical trainer certification you should have the ability to craft/formulate standardised (house breaking)training plans based on the knowledge of LIMA, ABA and dog behaviour. I’d say 1-3 potentially could merge into 1, and be deemed FSDT level 1.

    With that said, FSDT level 2 incorporates assignment based technical plans as described in 4-5 that require behaviour shaping ( sit, down, come, place, heel) and or modification as well as video proficiency of a specific skilled routine which is where think most dog trainers will exist.

    I know some trainers often specifically avoid training centring around aggression management and as a result not achieve FSDT status. Aggression rehabilitation and management should contain some amount of practical application, training plan timeline and have the ability to provide more than 1 course of action. i’d be very interested in how the verification process for management of aggression problems is addressed.

    FDST level 3 would incorporate your ability to teach level 1 and 2’s as-well as take on advanced level training systems such as aggression (cert 6). I’d like to see something for board and train “trainers” out there like a kennel management plan assignment or protocol for operating under the guise of a FSDT within a business franchise. because this ties into having the capacity to conduct advanced level dog training and well as train the trainer application.

    FSDT level 4 should be the top with technical branches off the tree such as protection, detection, comp obedience (PSA/GRC)

    <font face=”inherit”>I really love the open dialogue that you promote Mike to push and evolve the craft, I’m just happy to be involved with the process and continually learn and </font>impart<font face=”inherit”> onto others what ive learnt and continue to learn. The style of dog handler and trainer I share company with is IMO the most educated, adaptable and honest its ever been. </font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>Cheers Mike</font>

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