• Ashlyn Padgett Padgett

    April 19, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    Her sister does not live in our home. They have always played a little rough. Could it be a learned response? Her sister can be running around sniffing and she is still trying to jump on her, grab and growling. Then I question if she is just trying to force her to play. She has been the only dog that actually comes to our home. We have a female pit bull as well that she doesn’t challenge. We have not tried play date at different location but I have thought about trying to see if it would change the dynamics.

    We do keep some toys/bones in our yard to give her an outlet to chew but I usually take them up and try to limit if possible. She doesn’t seem to resource guard. If we are present( myself, husband, kids, pitbull or her sisters owner) she does it but stops when we leave. They will play when we leave but she is not jumping on her and demonstrating all of the dominant body language she is doing when we are around.

    Thank you!!