• Judy B.

    April 19, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Hi Ashlyn,

    So my understanding of this is that the litter mate is not a part of your family correct? Your pup is maturing and it would be normal for her to act this way with a dog coming over on her own territory. I would even expect it with this type of dog. I don’t think it’s necessarily about “correcting” the behavior, but more understanding that it is normal for her. Many dogs who play as immature pups and get along, will not always get along as they start to mature. I have a German shep who had his buddies in puppy class, but come 6 months it was getting too rough and it was time to phase out. This is usually the time we phase our of puppy class because dogs start maturing. Puppy play is like practice hunting practice fighting just like kids practice things when they are young like martial arts. To prepare for when they getbolder and if they need to use it. This is just normal progression of maturing with certain dogs. Some factors to also consider are leadership. How is the leadership in place at your house? Does the dog have free range or have surrounding things to worry about when the other pup is over? Toys, bones, resting places, food, you? Or does the dog have clear knowledge that she doesn’t have to worry about things because you have it under control? Also the fact the the interactions are on your property can enhance this. If you go to neutral grounds is this still the same behavior? Or have you tried going to neutral ground? Knowing this is normal behavior and understanding it is the first step. I would try to focus more on what your dog enjoys rather than inititate a play date if the dogs don’t seem to be enjoying them anymore. It most likely just may not be natural for your dog at this stage, and that’s ok. Sometimes you have to have the right match and balance of personalities to be able to have a good fit. My dog got along great with his litter mates , but after a certain point not many of them were not going to have it anymore. Too many personality conflicts. He does however get along great with our submissive Portuguese water dog. Listen, I love my sister but don’t always get along with her. Different but similar in ways. Sometimes when we have working dogs we just have to accept who they are and love and embrace what we have.