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  • Dave Page

    April 15, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Regarding 7: Glad you brought it up.

    I may be odd one out due to location. Probably not something most trainers will ever have to deal with.

    Although most would expect clients to manage; However is a minimal containment requirement for clients something we should place in code of conduct?

    People have seen me working with mine in the past and asked me to train theirs. I know they don’t all have their dogs in yards from what they have said.

    Perhaps at least a fenced yard, kennel, dog run or tie out?

    I ask because so many moving from the city to the country where I live let dogs run free. To the extent I have stopped carting past certain distance until i figure something to protect my dogs.

    I would necessarily require a common sense standard regarding containment before working with a client otherwise I feel it would be negligent of me, as well as wasting a clients money.

    Lax containment regulations and overall decline in respect has led to Free-ranging fad has resultsed in 2 deaths locally in past couple years. Only one close town has a leash law.

    Excluding the larger towns what I found so far it is only dogs deemed dangerous which require containment inside a fence thus there are many running semi-feral.

    I know for most of us it is simple common respect for neighbors and community…

    Just a thoughts running through my head and probably outside scope of code of conduct.