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  • Dave Page

    February 13, 2021 at 1:08 am

    Hardest after teaching a solid heel was getting them to pull ahead of me. Finally my wife or I one would get in the road ahead while other was in the cart to call them at the same time they were given the hup command until they got the idea.

    Each drafting situation is different depending on environment, application, dog, and future goals.

    (Example: I had to change the commands after they had learned them, and drop use of names for carting commands early due to situational environment).

    For what I do Mine showed greater enthusiasm after I got the howling dog Alaska cart/pulk harness. Works for Both a cart I use and the Sacco. For body style on mine seems to allow them to lower their haunches towards the ground for greater body alignment and ease of applying power. Last time I put an old harness on one he wouldn’t tighten the trace until I changed it out. ?

    Probably this guys 3rd or 4th time pull me in the cart. I was still having to take it really easy with him due to his defensive responses, and he was still familiarizing with it so not the best training video. Unedited with all my our mistakes, but maybe you can glean something out of it.

    Yes He was pulling off kilter at the last due to one of the bar straps loosening.